The reason that insects for bearded dragons are so critical is because they are the main source of protein especially for young growing beardies. Insects should be included as part of a healthy and balanced diet along with fresh salads.

Following are our recommendations of insects for bearded dragons.

Dubia or Discoid roaches

We consider dubia or discoid roaches among the best feeder insects for bearded dragons. Additionally, the Dubia Cockroach, or Orange spotted cockroach can be a good choice because it does not fly and moves slow so it holds the calcium powder better than jumper insects. One dubia roach also is equivalent to 5 crickets. If you have a younger bearded dragon, they need more insects compared to an adult one.

Do not feed your beardie live foods which are bigger than the space between its eyes. Doing so can cause digestive problems and impaction which can be fatal for your beardie. And it is important to feed them using tweezers or only put a few live insects in their tank. They will stop eating when they are full. However, if they eat them all, continue adding live insects for 10-15 minutes and then remove all the live prey from their tank once the 15 minutes is up.

Phoenix Worms

Some people think that the mealworm is the best type of insects for bearded dragons.  However, if you examine closely, this type of worm has hard exoskeleton, making it difficult for your pet to digest it. As a matter of fact, it may even lead to fatal impaction, which means that the food might get stuck and eventually block the digestive tract. You may opt for alternative varieties such as locusts (if available where you live), buttterworms, silkworms as well as phoenix worms.

Phoenix/Repti Worms – Despite their small size, they are packed with beneficial calcium. They’re also soft-shelled, which makes them wonderful worms for baby dragons! They TRUMP bearded dragon mealworms in terms of quality and safety! You can buy these at most reptile stores or online: Large Phoenix Worms


Silk Worms – High in protein and low in fat, these are enticing worms that most dragons love! They also help clean teeth. Appropriately sized silk worms made a great treat or staple feeder! JurassiDiet – EasiSilkworm, 35 g / 1.2 oz

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