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I purchased the “Raising Bearded Dragons” package as soon as it was released, and have gone thru all the materials. I have to say, I really wish something like this was available before I got my first beardie, it would have made life easier for us both…The videos are good and not usually found in this type of product package, which makes them extra special. You know you are getting great information from folks that know what they are talking about. I had been looking and asking around about a food list forever, and the one in this package is great. I recommend this product to both novices & experts in the world of beardies.
~ Mary Brown

“I thought that this care manual was well-written, easily understandable–even to those with little to no experience–and seemed to cover all the necessary elements for caring for a bearded Dragon. I highly recommend this manual to anyone who already owns such a pet or desires to have one!”
~K Van Der Linden

“Just bought this and I am very happy with my purchase. A lot of information and very helpful!”
~Tatchi Koma

“I am extremely satisfied with the videos and the PDF, the length of the videos are good; short but sweet and to the point. The PDF’s are the same. Everything is easy to understand and follow and I’m glad you broke the information up into segements. It makes watching and reading a lot easier.”
~Alex Gunn

“I am very upset with the sand I bought a few weeks ago from a reptile specific pet store. They told me it was best. Ugh! So thankful for this guide! I thought I might be able to get questions answered at a reptile store, but apparently not…Thank you for putting so much though into this!”
~ Emily Serff

“We adopted a Beardie from a friend and really had no clue what we were getting into. My initial thought was, “It’s a lizard, how hard can it be”? Well boy was that an incorrect thought. Beardies are great pets, but they require lots of care and there is tons of misinformation out there. When we first got our Beardie, Spike, we checked out some books from the library and talked with a pet store employee. We thought we were prepared and ready to care for Spike. That was until Spike got sick. After a countless hours of research we discovered the problem! But had I watched these video months ago when we brought him home, I would have known what we were doing wrong and could have prevented the problems. Every mistake we were making was covered in the Raising Bearded Dragons videos…”
(Read full review HERE) ~ Kathy Balman, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2014

“When we became interested in possibly getting a bearded dragon, we did a lot of investigation—a couple of months’ worth actually. What we found out in that time is all right here in these videos! If you want to learn pretty much everything you need to know in an easy to find and learn format—this is for you! If you want to spend a couple months searching and reading and chatting with beardie owners then don’t get this. (My point is save yourself the trouble and GET THIS!)…
Honestly, as we started watching these I thought we wouldn’t have much to learn from watching this video series because it was covering all the things we already knew. I was wrong! As we were watching Module 7 on Hydration we realized one of our beardies was suffering from dehydration! I had been wondering why his skin looked the way it did, which wasn’t like our other beardie, but I didn’t really put much more thought in to it. After watching this video we immediately got him out and gave him a bath. Immediately. Seriously.”

(Read full review HERE) ~Product Review by Dawn Winters, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2014

“Before watching the videos we had no idea how much of a financial and time commitment it takes to raise a healthy happy bearded dragon. Of course my daughter was not daunted by all the information and is currently saving to purchase her very own bearded dragon and all the recommended products that she learned about through this valuable program. If you do miss some of the information explained in the videos there is no need to worry. The author also makes available to you three downloadable ebooks including: A Complete List of Food to Feed Your Bearded Dragon, A Care Sheet…This online program is really great for just about any age—young and old—that is interested in purchasing and raising a bearded dragon. I was able to hand this off to my high school daughter and she ran with it. She loved the videos; especially Bay’s fun way of presenting the information. From a parent’s perspective I would also like to add that Bay seemed to really know what she was talking about and had a wealth of knowledge to share. In my opinion I believe any child 10 years old and up could go through this program on their own or with a little help from the parent.”
(Read full review HERE) ~ Diane Knecht, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, August, 2014

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