If there is anything that bearded dragon owners love, it’s making bearded dragon costumes! While wings and being a real life dragon seem to top the list, seems that as the beardie owner movement continues to grow so does the never ending ideas for costumes and bearded dragon accessories.

Just how far will our imagination grow? Indeed there are no boundaries as I recently discovered custom wee bitty baby hangers for beardie harnesses.

You thought I was kidding, huh?? 🙂



Bearded Dragon (Lizard Harness) holder discovered via Etsy.
Bearded Dragon (Lizard Harness) holder discovered via Etsy.

As our beloved beardies are often like our BFF’s, there is this strange love we have for them and making sure that the world knows in some way they uniquely are connected to us. Since it’s Halloween we decided to feature a collection of 31 bearded dragon costume photos from around the web that reflect the creativity, individuality and fun spirit of these beardie owners.

Happy Halloween Raising Bearded Dragons Family!

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