Lucy Theobald is the founder of Monstertrims which is a line of novelty clothing for reptiles specializing in bearded dragons.

She makes clothing clothing for any age of bearded dragon. Her many custom designs includes wings, Scottish kilts, Santa, elf, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, wizards and lots lots more.

RBD: Where was your company founded and where do you sell your products?

LT: I am based in Manchester, United Kingdom. But I send my outfits all around the world. My most popular areas being America, Canada and Australia.

RBD: When did you buy your first beardie?

LT: I bought my first beardies in October 2012. When my partner and I were looking to buy a new car on gumtree. I wanted to know what else was available on this site and of course I came across the pets category.

We had recently been discussing bearded dragons after seeing some in the pet shop. We came across two that were 1 year old and needed a new home. They came with the set up for a reasonable price. So we contacted the owners to see if they were still for sale and they said yes!

We then made a spur of the moment decision and collected them an hour later!

RBD: What was your inspiration behind MonsterTrims?

LT: I started monstertrims in December 2012 as I was looking for a Christmas hat for ‘Peaches’ and ‘Brian’ and to my surprise I couldn’t find them anywhere. I couldn’t find any clothing for them. So I made two Santa hats myself.
The next day I decided to make an outfit to go with it. My partner then pointed out that there was a gap in the market and that maybe I should make some to sell online?

Bearded Dragon bomber jacket from
Bearded Dragon bomber jacket from

RBD: How long was it before you started to sell products online and what are the favorites?

LT: I set myself up an ebay account and in that first month I sold 50 Santa costumes. In the February of 2013 I made my own website and also joined a site called etsy.

By this point I had the Santa outfit available along with the Easter bunny, witch, devil and a selection of tutus. I started getting asked if I could make wings. They immediately became very popular. Every month I made a new design – tuxedo. Dress. Bomber jacket. Sports shirt. Neck tie. Scottish kilt. Mermaid. Pumpkin and elf.

I can also make customised outfits for example ‘yoda’ and ‘Fred and Wilma Flintstone’

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